BombShell Curls

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This is steam processed Malaysian hair, you can dye the hair as well as straighten it. Treat the hair like it's growing out of your own scalp. The hair color ranges from an 01B to a color 2, never been chemically processed. Also for my curly girls that don't know the term "co-wash", that just simply means conditioner wash. Substituting shampoo for conditioner, this hair loves conditioner so I would recommend any conditioner. I personally LOVE hello hydration by herbal essence but again go by your preference. Comes in Lengths 10-28 inch...

***Be advised, dyeing the hair will be at your own discretion, please consult a professional hairstylist for proper handling***

1. Not responsible for over processed hair (Heat Damage or color treated hair)
2. Not responsible for maintenance of hair